What is the importance of tajweed in the Quran? You are properly wondering why you should learn Tajweed, and whether it’s mandatory to read Quran. in this article, you will learn why we need tajweed, and how it’s simple to learn with the right system.

What is the importance of tajweed in the Quran?

  • Tajweed helps us to read the Quran correctly because the Arabic language is very precise and sometimes even a minor change in pronouncing a word can lead to a major change in the meaning.
  • Tajweed beautifies the Quran, the word tajweed is derived from Jawwad which means to beautify anything and the Quran tajweed beautifies our holy book, and you can feel that when you listen to famous Quran reciters such as Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hussary and Abdul Basit ‘Abd us-Samad.
  • Tajweed makes you feel more connected with your religion, even if you think learning tajweed will be hard, it’s definitely worth it because it’s a great way to gain good deeds by reading the Quran and practicing to read it correctly.
  • Our prophet said: “He who recites the Qur’an proficiently, will be with the noble, righteous, ambassador angels, and the one who recites it with difficulty will receive two rewards.”
  • Tajweed will help you understand the Quran over time because you’re reading the words, and verses in the right way.
  • Tajweed will motivate you to read the Quran regularly and motivate your friends and family to learn like you, which is a tremendous good deed as the Quran comes as the intercessor on the day of Resurrection.
  • Our prophet said: “Recite the Qur’an, for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Resurrection”
  • These are just a few points about the importance of tajweed in the Quran, and you will see a lot of benefits when you try by yourself.

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Why do we need Tajweed?

Understanding the importance of tajweed in the Quran, you will gain the passion to start learning tajweed, and continue your class until you become skillful in your recitation of the Quran, and help your family and friends read the Quran.

The benefits of learning tajweed are many and valuable. It will help you fulfill the above needs, and gain good deeds, and The following are the benefits of learning Tajweed online.

  • You will have a flexible Schedule for the day, and class duration suitable for you.
  • You have the ability to study with a professional Quran tutor outside your country.
  • Learning online will save you time for transportation.
  • You can choose the suitable teaching style for you, and your priorities, and discuss it with your tutor
  • You have the option to study in a one-to-one session with your tutor or in a group for support and share your learning journey with people from different countries.
  • You can learn with certified native Arabic tutors who studied at al-Azhar University.
  • You can study with a professional Quran tutor outside your country at competitive prices
  • Learning tajweed online is inexpensive, convenient, and flexible in timing and study courses.

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Memorizing quran benefits and effects.

To help with your tajweed learning, we provide All of these criteria and more, in our tutors at Eilaf Institute.

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Our tutors use different methods in teaching to simplify tajweed rules until you can apply and read the Quran with fluency as fast as possible. By now, you know that the importance of tajweed in the Quran lies in its ability to help us  read the Quran precisely with confidence, understand the Quranic meanings, and gain good deeds with every letter you read. and we would like to contribute to your Quran learning, you can apply for your free trial.

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