Memorizing quran is a big dream for Muslims who want to improve their religion, and have a better relationship with Islam. if you wondering about the memorizing quran benefits, in this article you will learn the spiritual, psychological, and physical benefits for you, and your beloved one.

What are memorizing quran benefits?

Our holy quran is the main source of guidance in every aspect of our lives in addition it’s a great, and easy way to gain good deeds and blessings from Allah in this life and the afterlife.

our prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said:

“Whoever recites a letter of the book of Allah will be credited with a good deed and a good deed is multiplied into ten. I do not say that the word: Alif Laam Meem is counted as a word letter. Rather, Alif is one letter, Laam is one letter and Meem is one letter.”

and said:

“Allah raises some people (in status) by means of this Book and brings others low by means of it.“

the benefits of memorizing Quran is many, and learning them you encourage your to memorize it, and help you loved ones to do the same, and the following are some important benefits you will gain when you intent to memorize quran or encourage your kids to memorize since a young age.

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7 memorizing quran benefits

1- memorizing quran enhance your soul and body

  • Distraction is one of the most famous issues currently, and it affects our abilities to enjoy our daily lives, and live in the moment with our families. and memorizing quran is proven to improve focus, and learning abilities. memorizing quran – especially if you memorize it with Tajweed – will give you peace, and a relaxed heart.
  • Regularly memorizing, and reviewing quran will improve your memory, and by asking any Quran Hafiz.

2- It protects us from hellfire

  • The Quran keeps us connected with Allah, and our prophet, and guides us to the right decisions in each step in our lives. It protects us from taking wrong turns because it is the complete guide throughout life.
  • Our prophet said:
  • “Read the Qur’an, for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Resurrection.”

3- it’s an honor source in the afterlife

  • When you memorize the Quran, and live by it in your daily life, you will win the ultimate reward in your life on this earth, and in the afterlife.
  • Quran will remain in your heart forever, and you will be honored by a crown on the judgment day, as our prophet Muhammad promised us.
  • our prophet said:  “The one who memorized the Qur’an shall come on the Day of Judgment and (the reward for reciting the Qur’an) says: ‘O Lord! Decorate him.” So he is donned with a crown of nobility.
  • Then it says: ‘O Lord! Give him more!’ So he is donned with a suit of nobility. Then it says: “O Lord! Be pleased with him.’ So He is pleased with him and says: “Recite and rise, and be increased in reward with every Ayah.”

4- Higher ranks for you in Jannah

  • when you memorize the Quran, in the afterlife you will be asked to recite the Quran as you used to recite in this life. Your rank in heaven will increase based on your memorization level. the most precious reward for memorizing quran is entering a high rank in heaven, it’s the reward every Muslim should seek, and work for.
  • The Prophet (ﷺ) said: “It shall be said – meaning to the one who memorized the Qur’an – ‘Recite, and rise up, recite (melodiously) as you would recite in the world. For indeed your rank shall be at the last Ayah you recited.'”

5- Rewards, higher ranks for your parents in Jannah

  • When you memorize the Quran, your parents will get surprised by receiving tremendous rewards beyond their imagination, and will gain higher ranks in the afterlife because you memorized quran.
  • When you encourage your kids to memorize the Quran, you will receive huge blessings and rewards from Allah.
  • Memorizing the Quran benefits not only for the Huffaz but also for their families, and their community as memorizing the Quran, and living by it in your daily life will improve your life, and motivate the people around you to do the same.
  • And in this aspect, our prophet said: “Whoever recites the Quran and learns it and then acts upon it is adorned with a crown of light on the Day of Judgement, its radiance is like the radiance of the sun. His parents are adorned with two jewels that the world could never contain, so they say ‘Why have we been adorned as such?’ It will be said, ‘For what your child has acquired of Quran.”

6- Improving your salah

  • After memorizing the Quran, you have the ability to recite any surah during it, and you can lengthen your salah more because you can read more quran in your prayer.

7- help you find a purpose in life

  • Memorizing the Quran is a meaningful purpose to live by, and every minute you spend reading and memorizing the Quran is precious and valuable.

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What happens when you memorize the Quran?

  • In addition to the above benefits, when you memorize quran, you will notice positive changes in your life. anyone who has memorized a piece of quran is one of Allah’s favorites, and from the best Muslims as our prophet said: “The best of you is the one who learns Quran and teaches it.”
  • You will be a role model for your kids to encourage them to memorize the Quran, and live by it, which means good deeds for you as their parents, and for them as well.

Does memorizing Quran increase IQ?

  • One of the memorizing quran benefits is enhancing long-term memory, and one of the skills the IQ  test checks is long-term memory (working memory).
  • and memorizing quran well, and reviewing it regularly will improve your memory which is required for life, and work.

Is it good to memorize the Quran?

  • Memorizing the Quran has spiritual, psychological, and physical benefits, in addition, gives you a great opportunity to improve your rank, and your parents’ in this worldly life, and the afterlife by entering high levels in Jannah.
  • for these reasons and more memorizing the Quran is good for you, your family, and society, and we are Eilaf Institute present you Quran memorization courses with our professional tutors, you can check our courses on this page.

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