Learn Arabic Conversation


This course will help you to learn the Arabic language and be able to communicate in Arabic easily. Our native Arab teachers will take you from the absolute beginner level to the fluency in Arabic. You or your kids will learn verbs and make perfect sentences with no grammar mistakes. We’ll start from the basics of the Arabic alphabet, common words, small conversations until you are able to start making dialog smoothly & fluently.

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This course is aimed at students who have a basic knowledge of the Arabic language to improve their conversational and speaking skills and fluency helping to gain complete knowledge of the Arabic language from the beginner level to fluency.

With the help of our Native Arab Tutors through a comprehensive range of language activities and exercises covering all the basics of Arabic.

The goal is guiding learners in learning Arabic in an effective and enjoyable way to develop their language skills.

This Arabic Conversation Course will help students in communicating comfortably in Arabic and will quickly enhance their fundamental Arabic skills.


The course is well structured and focused on improving students’ Arabic speaking skills.

English-speaking Muslims are not familiar with the Arabic language, the course will not only improve their Arabic language skills but will also help them master the recitation and translation of the Holy Quran.

Learning an entirely unfamiliar language from the mother tongue or national language is a hard process. But we make it enjoyable and interactive for our students with the help of different activities, exercises, competitions, rewards, and multimedia.

Eilaf has Qualified Native Arab Teachers are available to teach Arabic to non-native speakers, as it is important to train qualified teachers who can teach the Arabic language to the target audience in the simplest and most effective ways.


  • The Arabic language’s significance.
  • (Modern Standard) Arabic.
  • Arabic grammar training
  • learning practical grammar.
  • mastery of Arabic Reading, Writing & Speaking.
  • Daily Life Scenarios.
  • Greeting people and participating in social activities.
  • Common vocabulary used in Daily Life Conversation.