Quran is our main guide in every behavior or decision we make in life, and it has a huge effect on our afterlife, as well. and to be able to follow quran guidance, in this article, you will learn how to understand quran word by word. 

How to understand Quran word by word? 

Understanding the meaning of the Quran is a wonderful journey, where you learn a lot about Islam, yourself, history, and many more. and there are many ways to understand it well, here are 3 ways to understand quran:

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1- Start with the Quran translation: 

  • As a nonarab, it will be hard for you to understand the meaning of every Arabic word in the Quran, especially because the Arabic language is precise. So at the beginning, choose a reputable Quran translation in your native language. Quran is translated into a lot of languages, and you can find an accurate, trustworthy, and approved by Islamic scholars. 
  • While reading the Quran translation, you can apply for a Quranic Arabic course and Eilaf Institute offers you Arabic language courses with certified Arabic tutors on this page. 

2- Learn the Quranic Arabic Language (Fusha): 

  • To understand, and Read the Quran you don’t have to learn the Whole Arabic language, with your tutor you can learn the most important, and common words in the Quran to feel accomplished, and motivated to continue your study. 
  • By learning Fusha, you open a new world of possibilities where you can use the Arabic language as you want; read and understand Quran, read our prophet’s hadith, read the Arabic scholars’ books, and listen to their lectures. and many more benefits.
  • You can start by learning the meaning of Al-Fatihah, and the prayer words as you recite it daily, and gradually you will learn more Arabic words, and their meanings with your tutor.

3- Research for meaning:

  • Quran can take you on a  journey full of wonders, whatever you’re researching for, you can find in Quran, you just need to explore, ask, and find the meaning in every verse. 
  • Whenever you read a Quranic verse in Arabic or any translation, ask what could be it’s meaning, and how it can help you achieve your goals in this life and afterlife.
  • you can study tafsir to have an initial understanding and think about the verse’s meaning. this will help your heart to be with the quran.  
  • Now, you have the chance to study Arabic, and Islamic studies with one of our tutors, and contact us and book your free trial without payment To make your journey with the Quran easier, the following tips will help you use your time, and effort wisely while learning.

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Tips for Understanding the Quran Word by Word:

1- Ask about trustworthy Quranic translation in your native language: 

  • Understanding the verses’ meanings will encourage you to continue your journey with Quran, and make it easier to study Islam and Arabic. 

2- Study the Noorani Qaida to learn Arabic:

  • One of the important tips to understand quran word by word is Noorani Qaida. it’s one of the easiest ways to learn the Arabic language, and non-Arabic speakers to gain the skill to read the Quran with fluency.
  • The Noorani Qaida starts by teaching you the Arabic alphabet, then simple words, and at the end, you will be able to read Arabic sentences with ease. 

3- Learn new Arabic vocabulary: 

  • Make reading, and listening to the Quran daily your habit, this will make you understand the Quran faster. and whenever you read a difficult word and want to know its meaning, write it down on a flashcard to review it until you understand, and memorize it. 

4- Use dictionaries: 

  • There are many Islamic dictionaries available in different languages, which you can use to find the difficult words’ meanings. Ask your tutor for a dictionary recommendation based on your needs, and native language.

5- Read Tafsir: 

  • tafsir will connect with the Quran, and explain the words’ meaning within the verse context., Tafsir books contain the words’ meaning, their context, the whole verse’s meaning, and Arabic grammar. 

Now, you know how to understand Quran word by word using 3 different methods, and with the help of your tutor, you’re going to reach a high level in Arabic language, and Islamic studies. contact us, and book your free trial to learn Arabic with our certified tutors.

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