Have you ever tried to learn tajweed, and stopped just after a while? Learning tajweed by yourself is almost an impossible mission, so how to learn tajweed online, and read the Quran Fluently?

Your Tajweed tutor will provide guidance specifically for you and tell you the best practices to learn efficiently, and today, you will know all about learning tajweed, how long it takes, and the information you need before starting your tajweed studies.

What is the rule of learning Tajweed?

Learning Tajweed consists of levels, and as a Tajweed beginner learner, you just need to take it step by step and communicate with your tutor whenever you face any challenge.

There are many rules to learn tajweed and read Quran fluently, and we will state the top 7  rules that will guide you to learn tajweed fast:

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Why are you learning tajweed?

Before starting any course, consider finding your intention because it will motivate, and help you to overcome any difficulties during your learning.

  • Take it easy

Start with small, and consistent steps towards your goal, test your level regularly, and always communicate with your tutor to guide you to improve fast.

  • Start with learning the letters’ articulation points

The letters’ articulation points part is one of the main parts of learning Tajweed. by practicing it. you will hear yourself reciting the Quran in a better way.

  • Learning the letter movements

Each letter in the Arabic language can be pronounced differently based on its movement.

By learning how to pronounce the movement on every letter, you will avoid saying the wrong meaning for the verse, and your voice during the Quran recitation will be excellent.

You will gain the confidence to recite the Quran alone or in a group because you gain adequate fluency in your reading, and in the following steps, you will gain more skills in Quran recitation.

Noon Sakinah and tanween

When noon sakinah or tanween has special pronunciations at the end of the words. and the pronunciation is different based on the following letter after noon sakinah or tanween.

  • Al Qalqalah

The following letters ( ق / ط / ب / ج / د ) have special pronunciation when they have sukoon movement, no matter where their location in the word is.

  • Other rules

There are tajweed rules such as Noon and Meem Moshaddadah, Meem Sakinah, and Prolongation.

However, the first 6 rules are your first steps towards reading the Quran fluently. and you will learn the rest of the rules more easily with your tutor until recitation becomes easy, and effortless for you.

How long does it take to learn Tajweed?

you can learn tajweed in about a year, meanwhile, it takes kids about 2 years to learn it.

the learning duration isn’t the main factor in tajweed learning, what important is to start, enjoy learning about the Quran and Islam, and keep going to improve your reading.

How to learn tajweed online?

There are a lot of courses, and videos online to teach you tajweed, however studying with a professional Quran tutor is essential to save your valuable time and effort.

Your tutor will provide you with a system made specially for your level, and available time to see results as fast as possible.

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How can EIlaf Institute help you learn tajweed online?

We provide you with different sets for courses based on different learning objectives, and levels, also and a convenient teaching style for you.

  • Our tutors are certified with long experience in teaching English speakers, and they studied at Al-Alzahar University.
  • You have 3 free trials or more with different tutors until you select a tutor to continue the study with.
  • When you start with your tajweed learning with one of our tutors, you will get a learning instruction after discussing it with your tutor.
  • You will select the class dates, and length to feel ready and focused during the class.
  • Our website offers you a tracking system to keep your Schedule and manage your learning budget.
  • You can study with your tutor in a one-to-one session or a group.
  • Our pricing is affordable for everyone, and you have different plans to choose from, starting from $20 a month.

Now, you have a clear idea about the Tajweed learning process, and how to learn Tajweed online. and our tutors can accompany you on this wonderful journey to read the Quran fluently with ease and learn about Islam, and the Arabic language. Contact us for more inofmation or book your free trial.

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